Are You Facing HMRC Debt Management Problems?

It’s tempting to bury your head in the sand, but HMRC debt won’t go away unless you take action! Get in touch today and let us handle your HMRC debt management on your behalf.


“Cash flow is a big issue right now. I know that I need to pay the VAT and the PAYE, but I’m so far behind I don’t know where to start. This is serious stuff – I’m not sleeping – but I can’t pay the HMRC debt. What are my options?”


Owing HMRC money will inevitably leave you feeling worried and stressed especially if they have started legal proceedings against you or your company. Whether you owe money for VAT, PAYE or Corporation Tax, the process is much the same and at 4R Business Recovery we are experienced at guiding business owners through it.


Are You Facing Court From HMRC?

If you’re facing court proceedings from HMRC, you need to take action today. 4R Business Recovery are often called in at the eleventh hour, so even if you’re due in court tomorrow, and the situation feels desperate, call us on 0800 0385 140 and we can act immediately.


Have You Received A Statutory Demand?

You may have already received a letter threatening legal action or a Statutory Demand, a Winding Up Petition or a Winding Up Order. If so, you must act now to achieve a positive outcome for you and your business.

From experience, we know that you can save your business and even get things back on track again, although that may seem unbelievable right now. Whether you’re a sole trader, partnership or limited company we can help you.


Worried About Calling HMRC?

4R Business Recovery will talk to HMRC on your behalf. We have assisted countless business owners with their problems with HMRC debts and ultimately helped many of them to become profitable again. HMRC’s approach to debt collection or debt recovery can be stressful, so we will liaise with HMRC on your behalf, so you don’t have to talk to them. They will be seeking a tax debt settlement, but we may be able to ask for a ‘time to pay arrangement’, giving you breathing room so that you can make payments over a longer period.


A Time To Pay Arrangement Could Help

4R Business Recovery Business will help you produce a professional proposal that is backed up by cash flows and a repayment plan that you and the business can afford and, more importantly, that HMRC will accept. If you need help to free up cash flow or find funding so that your business can continue to trade, we can help.

If the situation is more serious, for example, if your bank account has been frozen already or you are facing an imminent court appearance, you will need immediate protection or a more formal insolvency solution. 4R Business Recovery has successfully used Company Voluntary Arrangements, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Administrations Orders and Liquidations to protect and resolve HMRC debt problems for many customers, and to assist in debt management and banking.


Acting In The Best Interests Of Creditors?

Are you worried that you may not have acted in the best interests of your creditors? Even businesses owners who have always operated ethically in times of good cash flow may make the wrong choices when they are under extreme financial pressure.

If you are worried that you may not have acted in the best interests of creditors, including HMRC and are concerned about potentially facing criminal proceedings, then you are in the right place. You can trust 4R Business Recovery to provide impartial, confidential and professional advice that will help you work out the best way forward.


Get Your Business On Track

If your business is suffering with HMRC debt problems, don’t delay – get in touch with 4R Business Recovery today for free, impartial, confidential and professional advice from trusted HMRC debt specialist. Call 0800 0385 140, or contact us, immediately and take the first step towards reducing your stress levels and regaining business sanity.



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