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HMRC have more resources than most in terms of reclaiming debts, so it’s important to act quickly. Get answers to your questions on VAT, PAYE and Time to Pay Arrangements here.

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Statutory Demands

If you have received a Statutory Demand then you or your business are at risk. We are experts at dealing with creditor and cash flow problems and can help you understand how Statutory Demands can be defended and creditor pressure resolved.

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Winding Up & Bankruptcy Petitions

If you have received a Winding Up or Bankruptcy Petition then then you need to take immediate action to protect yourself and your business. You or your business are at risk from a being declared bankrupt or your business being wound up.

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Winding Up & Bankruptcy Orders

If you have received a Winding Up or Bankruptcy Order you need to understand what this means for you or your business. The situation is serious and you need to follow the rules, however all is not lost 4R can still help to protect you and your business.

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Liquidation, in its many forms, represents the closure and sale of a business and its assets. Find out about Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation, Members’ Voluntary Liquidation and Compulsory Liquidation here.

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Administration & Pre-Pack Administration

Administration protects your business from legal action while you restructure or arrange a sale. With a Pre Pack, you can even sell the business and its assets to yourself.

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Business Phoenix

Creating a new business from the remains of an old one is a powerful way to protect jobs and facilitate future success. Find out why phoenix companies get bad press, and get answers to your questions here.

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Raising Finance

Cash flow is king, and yet the single biggest reason for business failure is companies being undercapitalised and poorly funded. Understanding, planning and managing cash flow is critical your business.

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Voluntary Arrangements

A Voluntary Arrangement is an insolvency process that allows an individual (IVA) or a business (CVA) to restructure their debt burden and secure both a discount in the total debt, and up to five years to repay.

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Informal Debt Management Plans

Formal time to pay arrangement managed under the supervision of an Insolvency Practitioner such as Voluntary Arrangement are not always possible or in your best interest. Informal Debt Management Plans are time to pay arrangement managed outside of the insolvency regime.

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