Cash Flow

Managing cash is a struggle for many businesses across the UK. Even if a business
is profitable continued cash deficits can result in business failure.

Moreover, the pressure of managing trade creditors, HMRC and legacy debts can
lead business owners to personally guarantee poor lines of credit that overtime place
an unmanageable burden on the company’s cash.

Understanding how to improve your cash flow and taking action to ensure your
business has the funding required to support its trading activities, is the first step on
your journey to cash flow success.

4R can help you understand how to improve your cash flow. From accessing real
time information on the performance of your business, managing and restructuring
legacy debt, securing favourable terms with new suppliers whilst protecting existing
ones and even accessing new sources of finance.

Whatever stage of the business lifecycle you’re in, cash is the lifeblood of any plan
for sustainable and scalable growth.

cash flow graphic
cash flow graphic
cash flow graphic
cash flow graphic
cash flow graphic

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