Case Studies

To help you understand a little more about 4R and our methods, we’ve put together some real-life examples. Explore our case studies to find out about the various insolvency procedures we’ve used to help companies and directors out of difficulties.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies, offering advice on insolvency, cash flow and business strategy. These are just a few examples picked from our many success stories.  Our Clients are more than happy to share their experiences to give other valuable insights and recommendations.

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A Company Voluntary Arrangement provides the breathing space a company needs to pay its debts and move forwards. Find out how our clients have benefitted from this simple, yet powerful, technique.


Business Phoenix

These case studies show how effective it can be to wind up one business to start another. Directors can buy the assets and goodwill of the old company, but there are strict regulations to follow.


Winding Up Petition

Receiving a Statutory Demand or Winding Up Order can seem like a disaster, but there are actions you can take to deal with the situation. See what advice we gave our clients and what the results were here.



Sometimes, ceasing to trade and liquidating the company is the best solution for all concerned. And it needn’t be the end of your business. We’ve helped many clients through voluntary liquidations – view the details...


Pre Pack Administration

A Pre Pack is a quick and effective way to deal with an insolvent company, especially for larger businesses with a lot at stake. Take a look at these examples to see how the procedure works and whether it could work for...


Debt & Tax (HMRC)

A surprising number of businesses get into trouble with HMRC over non-payment of VAT or PAYE. With our help, these companies were able to turn things around. Find out how.


Case Studies

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We know that when your company is at risk, you are faced with a lot of unknowns. At 4R, we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help you find the answers quickly.

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