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Tamworth Golf Course enters liquidation

Date Added: 08/02/2013  

Members of staff at Tamworth Golf Course have been warned they may be made redundant as a result of the liquidation of the company.

Some 11 people work at the golf course, which has been forced to go into liquidation due to its financial problems, reports the Herald.

Elaine Pugh, the secretary of the golf club, described the news as "dreadful" and stated the 178 members at the course have all been informed of the liquidation.

"What I think isn't repeatable in the newspaper. After talking to the members of staff, they are very upset. One has worked there for 33 years and she is in bits. It is not a great day," she told the news provider.

Liquidators have now been brought in to wind up the business and the club's season ticket holders, who pay £700 a year for course fees, are among those who are set to lose out.

Ms Pugh stated work needed to be done on the course to keep it up to the required standard and noted it is not yet clear what will happen to the golf club and its members.

Leader of Tamworth Borough Council councillor Danny Cook explained the local authority has been informed of the liquidation of the company and is waiting for more information.

He said: "The borough council plans to contact the liquidator at the earliest opportunity. This is in order to ascertain what this means in terms of the process and associated timescales."

Tamworth Council recently pledged to spend £100,000 on funding a first-class driving range on the course, though issues had been raised concerning the lack of progress with promised redevelopments.

Earlier in the year, the operators of Allerthorpe Park Golf Club told York newspaper the Press they have put hundreds of thousands of pounds of their own money into the firm in a bid to steer it clear of liquidation.

Chris Moore was appointed as the liquidator of Driving Foreward on January 2nd and a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation is being sought for the club.

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Posted by Miles Pritchard

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