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Small firms given tips on boosting brand loyalty

Date Added: 23/05/2011  

Small businesses have been informed of ways to boost their brand loyalty and encourage clients to stay with them in the future.

Phil Kingsland, site director of educational and advisory portal knowthenet.org.uk, stated that there are a lot of free tools on the internet that can be useful to companies.

"It can take a little time to get started, but it is often better to be interacting with your customers where the debate is going on," he said.

Mr Kingsland pointed out that the other option is to risk missing out on the conversation and to lose the opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty.

According to new independent research published by the online advice site, small businesses in the UK are now generating online revenues in excess of £36 billion a year.

Demandware, a global leader in on-demand ecommerce, recently found that 90 per cent of consumers have smartphones, which is likely to boost online shopping.

Posted by Miles Pritchard 

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