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Small businesses 'should reuse IT equipment'

Date Added: 22/06/2011  

Small businesses have been urged to look into ways they can reuse their IT equipment.

Andrew Boddington, marketing director for regeneration service provider Return On IT, stated that minor firms often do not have the required funds in place to upgrade.

He explained that in these organisations, there is often just one member of staff responsible for looking after all of the IT equipment.

"I think these days - partly with legislation and coming legislation - people know they've got to start thinking about doing the right thing," said Mr Boddington.

He added that more people are taking responsibility for their waste in a bid to be more sustainable and this is now being transferred into a business environment.

Tony Neate, managing director of Get Safe Online - a joint initiative between law enforcement, leading businesses, the public sector and the government - recently pointed out that small businesses are just as much at risk of phishing scams as the public.

Posted by Julie Cutts 

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