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Small business 'cannot handle complex employment laws'

Date Added: 04/08/2010  

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Small firms may need business debt advice after experts warned they are struggling to cope with complex employment regulations.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) believes the administration of maternity and paternity leave rules is proving difficult for small enterprises because they lack sizeable HR departments.

As a result, they are having problems planning ahead for periods when employees will be taking time off to have a child.

The FSB has therefore called for legislation to be reformed so that small businesses can have more certainty with regards to an employee's family leave.

John Walker, national chairman of the group, said the existing rules are "complex and confusing to administer and can act as a barrier to small firms taking on new staff simply because they do not understand the burdensome system".

He added that family leave should be tailored to suit each individual, as the existing one-size-fits-all approach does not adapt to meet certain needs.

This comes after the FSB described the level of confidence among small businesses in Britain as "fragile".

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