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Small Business Bonus Scheme 'saves firms hundreds'

Date Added: 21/09/2010  

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Firms that need business debt advice may have saved hundreds of pounds through a recent programme in Scotland.

The Small Business Bonus Scheme provided savings of more than £1,400 on average last year, according to newly-released figures.

Some companies taking business debt advice in Scotland benefited even more from the programme, with savings of £1,700 on average for organisations in Aberdeen and Edinburgh and more than £1,800 for those in Glasgow and north Lanarkshire.

Finance secretary John Swinney stated that small businesses have a vital role in the recovery of the country's economy.

"With increased thresholds introduced this year even more firms will be able to reap the benefits," he said.

Craig Bennett, director of policy and campaigns for Friends of the Earth, recently told firms in need of business debt advice to put efficiency measures in place to ensure they are not wasting cash.

He said there is an opportunity for bosses to look at the amount of fuel their company uses and try to reduce it. 

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