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Plymouth restaurants shut down due to liquidation

Date Added: 05/08/2013  

A Plymouth restaurateur has admitted his eateries are going to have to close down as a result of the liquidation of his company.

Edmond Davari sold one of his restaurants - Souk - two weeks ago and the futures of his other three ventures in the town are now in doubt.

He closed the doors of all three restaurants over the course of the weekend as a result of the financial situation of his company, which he explained has been forced into liquidation.

Mr Davari told the Plymouth Herald that the decision was made at the start of the weekend and he did not have a say in the matter.

He said: "I have fought for the last two years, I have done everything I can do keep the businesses going for the sake of my staff. I have entered into many financial agreements, re-mortgaged my house and tried to keep the businesses going for the last two years but it’s come to a point now where I have been left with no choice but to let it go."

Spanish-styled Rocco y Lola and Asia Chic were among the restaurants run by the businessman, who opened his first location in Plymouth 27 years ago.

Mr Davari confirmed that across the four restaurants he previously ran in the town, some 15 members of staff are going to lose their jobs due to the liquidation of his company.

Last month, it was confirmed that jobs are being lost in Glasgow after Paperino's @78 closed its doors when the owners were not able to find a new buyer. Some 21 full and part-time roles have been lost as a result of the failure of the company.

Brian Milne and Eileen Blackburn, partners at French Duncan, have been appointed joint administrators at the firm and they said depressed market conditions have hit the restaurant hard in the last few months, the Herald reported.

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Posted by Miles Pritchard

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