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Importance of broadband for rural firms highlighted

Date Added: 24/06/2011  

Small businesses that are based in rural areas of the UK need a good broadband connection in order to compete effectively in the marketplace.

Dr Charles Trotman, head of rural business development for the Country Land and Business Association, stated that it is not going to be possible for companies without this to challenge major rivals based in urban regions.

He explained that a fast and reliable internet connection is also needed as more government practices are being carried out online.

"Our members have to fill out what's called a special payments form for receiving what's called a single farm payment. In order to receive that, they've got to do that online," said Dr Trotman.

He added that those firms without a good broadband line may have to pay someone else to complete this process for them, leaving them at a disadvantage.

Phil Kingsland, site director of educational and advisory portal knowthenet.org.uk, recently urged firms to do more to boost their revenues via the internet.

Posted by Julie Cutts 

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