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Golf centre enters liquidation

Date Added: 21/11/2011  

A golf centre in the south of the country has gone out of business, despite owing thousands of pounds to the taxpayer among its debts.

Basildon Golf Centre has entered liquidation owing a total of £185,000, with around £55,000 of this figure thought to be due to HM Revenue and Customs, reports the Echo.

Tony Ball, leader of the local council, stated there is little chance of being able to recover the £26,000 owed to the local authority as a result of the failure of the organisation.

The closure of the golf centre is controversial as Mick Toomer, chairman of the Friends of Basildon Golf Course pressure group, had campaigned against a move by the golf centre to redevelop its golf course by using building rubble.

He claimed the failure of the business raises questions about its dealings with the local council, adding: "In August 2009, we supplied the council with the year-end financial statements for Basildon Golf Centre and 12 other associated golf course companies."

Mr Toomer also pointed out overall debts of these firms totalled millions of pounds, but he said the local authority continued to shower Basildon Golf Centre with "gifts and favours".

Angela Smith, the town's former MP and now the Baroness of Basildon, said: "The council must show it carried out the appropriate checks. We will need to be satisfied of this."

Mr Ball accepted he had received information from Mr Toomer when he became the leader of the local authority, but insisted it had been deemed to be irrelevant after checks were carried out.

More than a dozen employees recently lost their jobs as a result of the closure of Border Demolition, which is based in Kilsyth, earlier in the month.

Demolition News reported that a winding up order was issued to the organisation at the end of October and its turnover has halved in the last year.

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Posted by Julie Cutts

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