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Going green 'makes business sense'

Date Added: 29/07/2010  

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Firms receiving company debt advice in Birmingham may benefit from adopting more eco-friendly policies.

According to BusinessGreen.com, companies in Britain will soon have to pay more for their energy supplies.

Therefore, it believes they could avoid paying over the odds by using renewable sources of power instead of fossil fuels.

Andrew Charlesworth, a journalist at BusinessGreen.com, said this could be a good course of action even for those who are sceptical about climate change.

"Green is economically efficient," he stated.

"If you put money into things like energy conservation, insulation, you can get returns of 15 per cent on your investment."

Mr Charlesworth said this makes green energy one of the few areas where businesses can get a return of this scale.

According to the latest figures from the European Commission, nearly two-thirds of the new electricity generation capacity installed across the EU last year was based on renewable energy sources, such as wind.

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