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Flexible working 'can benefit firms'

Date Added: 24/09/2010  

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Flexible working could have benefits for companies seeking business debt advice, according to one opinion.

Stephen Overell, associate director of independent authority the Work Foundation, stated that flexible working is growing "quite quickly" as firms realise what they can get out of allowing staff to work from home.

"I think most people still have an idea of normal working hours, but it is changing. That's definitely a good thing but there's an awful long way to go," he said.

Mr Overell added that only a small minority of people are currently allowed to work flexibly by their employers and said he hopes this will increase over the next few years.

He was commenting after Work Wise UK revealed that British employees at firms, such as those that are taking company debt advice, are among the hardest workers in the world.

This is because three-quarters of staff regularly stay in the office to do overtime and the working week in Britain is longer than most countries in Europe. 

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