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Firms which do not recruit online 'will need business debt help'

Date Added: 31/01/2011  

Recruiting online is necessary for firms if they are to avoid needing to take business debt help in the future.

This is according to Paul Daley, director of HR consulting and services at recruitment outsourcing and talent management firm Ochre House, who stated that failing to use the web is akin to "thrashing around in the dark ages".

He explained that this is because organisations such as those taking business debt help need to make it as easy as possible for people to apply to work for them and the internet is the best method of doing this.

"If you're not moving to using more forward-thinking online methods you're going to go out of business in three years time," Mr Daley said.

He was commenting after it was revealed that budget clothing chain Primark is only using the internet, rather than more traditional recruiting methods, to fill positions in a new store it is opening in Scunthorpe soon.

Posted by Michael Beam 

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