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Firms warned of dangers of dismissing staff due to illness

Date Added: 19/04/2011  

Companies have been reminded to be careful when they dismiss members of staff who have been on long-term sick leave.

Michael Scutt, partner at specialist law firm Dale Langley & Co, stated that incapacity is one of just a few reasons an employer is able to sack an employee.

"That could be because of incompetence in their job or because they are unwell and are on long-term sickness so they can't get to work to do their job," he said.

Mr Scutt added that employers need to make sure they do not give a dismissed member of staff the opportunity to put in a claim for discrimination, as this could be costly.

He was commenting shortly after the release of research by Legal & General, which showed that 15 per cent of GPs regularly see people who have been dismissed from their place of work due to the illness they are suffering from.

Posted by Julie Cutts 

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