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Firms 'turning to older workers for flexibility'

Date Added: 07/03/2011  

Companies are increasingly turning to older workers due to the flexibility and experience they can offer a business.

Rachel Krys, director of Inclusive Employers, stated that this is because many organisations are stretched financially at the moment.

She explained that as well as often being cheaper than younger counterparts, older people are more flexible and are happier to work part-time, which makes them an attractive option for employers.

"I think we have seen in the last ten years a real move from employers to start to accept that there are huge advantages to having older people in the workforce," said Ms Krys.

She added that this is because the attitude of employers towards older workers has changed in the last decade.

Gold Age Pensioners, a recent report by WRVS, claimed that in 2010, over-65s made a net contribution of £40 billion to the British economy, which is expected to almost double, to £77 billion, by 2030.

Posted by Miles Pritchard 

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