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Firms need a 'radical but realistic' Budget

Date Added: 09/03/2011  

The Forum of Private Business has called for the chancellor's Budget speech to include a raft of "radical but realistic" measures to help small businesses to start trading.

According to the organisation, the future of companies all over the UK could be transformed if George Osborne makes the right move when he delivers the Budget to parliament on March 24th 2011.

Chief executive of the forum Phil Orford stated that "groundbreaking policies" are needed in order to solve problems such as the restricted access to lending which is being faced by many firms.

"There are plenty of things the coalition could do, at no little or no cost, which would genuinely improve trading conditions for small to medium-sized enterprises," he commented.

This follows calls from the head of campaigns at the forum Jane Bennett for the government to close the Low Value Consignment Relief VAT loophole, as it affects how smaller companies can compete with larger rivals.

Posted by Miles Pritchard 

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