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Financial malware 'affects all kinds of businesses'

Date Added: 05/05/2011  

Firms in the financial services industry have been reminded of the dangers malware can pose to their security systems.

Richard Moffitt, consultant systems engineer at web security solutions provider Trusteer, stated that any transaction involving money via the internet could be the target for an attack.

He explained this means it is not necessary only small companies in the financial sector which need to be wary.

"It'll even spread further into businesses that aren't directly involved in financial transactions - there are attacks on gambling sites and other businesses," Mr Moffitt said.

The web security expert added that online banking is popular at the moment so this is one of the areas malware is looking to attack in order to compromise security systems.

Mr Moffitt was speaking at Infosecurity Europe at London's Earls Court, an event that aimed to show off the latest security solutions to companies and information security professionals.

Posted by Miles Pritchard 

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