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Consumers out of pocket after energy firm liquidation

Date Added: 28/12/2011  

The liquidation of an energy company has left customers out of pocket by hundreds of pounds.

Redditch firm Energy Saving Group offered solar panels installation and has now closed down.

Church Hill resident Derek Shewring says he paid £500 to have the devices fitted to his home and has not received a refund, even though his house was found to be unsuitable, reports the Redditch Standard.

"I am sure I am not the only one who has had this thrust upon them and now I am not going to get my money back," he told the newspaper.

A resident from Skegness also got in touch to say they were waiting for their cash to be returned after they were informed their property was not suitable to have solar panels installed on it.

A spokeswoman for Worcestershire County Council confirmed 300 people have made enquiries about the failure of the Energy Saving Group.

Mr Shewring added he runs his own business so he is aware it can be difficult to manage cash flow, but said he has "chased them and chase them" for the money he is owed.

One of the directors of Energy Reduction UK, who was formerly linked with Energy Saving Group, played down the connection between the two companies.

A statement explained that while some of the members of staff at Energy Reduction UK used to be employed by Energy Saving Group, "they are no longer associated with Energy Saving Group and work for Energy Reduction UK".

Scottish National Party Treasury spokesman Stewart Hobie, who is a member of the Treasury Select Committee, recently called for the business lending situation to be improved to help firms to avoid being served with a winding up order.

Commenting on the recommendations of Sir John Vickers' Independent Commission on Banking, he said changes to the UK's financial system must not undermine business lending.

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Posted by Michael Beam 

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