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Company debt advice customers 'see IT as cost-cutting'

Date Added: 20/12/2010  

Firms including those which are in need of company debt advice look at IT as a method of reducing their costs.

This is according to Gerry McLaughlin of ITContractor.com, who pointed out that levels of IT employment have not dropped despite the recession and the ongoing slow recovery from it.

He stated that previously IT was seen as dispensable and a part of a business which could be cut if it was taking company debt advice, whereas now it is viewed by bosses as a method of cutting costs itself.

"Now they see the IT departments as core to the business and essential during good times for creating the information that gives companies competitive advantage in the information age," he said.

This comes shortly after research by the IT Job Board found that almost three-quarters of IT directors believe there is some way to go until the industry makes it out of recession.

Posted by Julie Cutts 

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