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Company debt advice customers 'must change mindset'

Date Added: 26/11/2010  

A change of mindset can enable a business taking company debt advice to improve its financial position.

This is according to Matt McAlister, director of digital strategy for the Guardian Media Group, who stated that firms in the media industry in particularly need to amend the way they think about the way they run.

Speaking at a Leeds Community News Hub event, he argued that the "exponential growth" of the sector means older methods of running a firm such as company debt advice customer are no longer applicable or relevant.

He said: "What is happening is this sense of an explosion that is basically a Big Bang across this whole network and every individual website."

Mr McAllister added that firms taking company debt advice are facing a "real challenge" to be more than a small piece of a fast-moving universe.

He was commenting after comScore found strong gains in the US online display advertising market, showing more companies are looking to the internet as a way to boost their business.

Posted by Julie Cutts 

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