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Company debt advice customer goes bust

Date Added: 01/11/2010  

The company debt advice that haulage firm Dave James Transport took on was not enough to stop it going bust.

Owner Dave James recently announced the news of the failure on his Twitter account and has spoken to Road Transport to explain his reasons for winding down the haulage arm of the organisation.

He claimed that London's low emission zone regulations crippled the company's operations in the south-east and also blamed the rising cost of fuel for his problems.

Mr James argued that his "reputable business" did not receive adequate support and said that the "death knell" for small haulage firms is ringing.

"Not one MP is willing to stand in the transport industry's corner, yet without transport the country is paralysed. It is time we are heard," he remarked.

Earlier this month, the Institute of Directors argued that the government should cut corporation tax to help out Britain's struggling businesses, such as those taking company debt advice.

Posted by Miles Pritchard 

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