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Companies given summer dress codes advice

Date Added: 21/06/2011  

Small businesses have been informed of the importance of having a summer dress code in order to avoid legal issues.

Charlotte Wolff, an employment relations editor at XpertHR and author of the body's 2011 report on workplace dress codes, stated that research by the organisation has found that almost half of employers relax their rules in the hotter months of the year.

"If the employer decides to relax the code in particularly hot weather they should inform all staff - for example by email - and make it clear what the parameters are," she said.

Ms Wolff warned those who do not could face a discrimination claim unless they are clear what the rules are.

She pointed out that small businesses need to tell staff whether items of summer clothing such as shorts and skimpy tops are acceptable to wear in the workplace.

Some 88 per cent of respondents to the XpertHR poll described the dress code at their organisation as "smart".

Posted by Michael Beam 

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