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Car firm director banned following liquidation

Date Added: 29/09/2011  

A former company director has been banned from being involved with organisations after one of his ventures went into liquidation after it was labelled "dishonest".

According to a report published by the Daily Mirror, Pankaj Chhabra will not be able to become a company director for nine years as a result of the scams he carried out during his time running Motor Expert.

The company got money from customers by promising it had found buyers for their vehicles when it had not.

People who were caught out by the business paid an upfront fee to Mr Chhabra, who then disappeared and did not follow through on the company's aims.

This comes shortly after the case of Colin Thomas, who was banned from being a company director for nine years as a result of company Ocean View Properties going into liquidation.

The Daily Express reported that celebrities such as the Homes Under the Hammer presenter Martin Roberts and the England footballer Gareth Barry had been caught out by the scam.

Posted by Michael Beam

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