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Businesses warned of phishing risks

Date Added: 20/06/2011  

Small companies have been warned that they could be at risk of spear phishing unless their security measures are up to scratch.

Tony Neate, managing director of Get Safe Online - a joint initiative between law enforcement, leading businesses, the public sector and the government - stated that emails may arrive purporting to be an invoice.

He explained that firms are in just as much danger of being caught out by phishing as individuals and could be at risk of compromising their security as a result.

"What we're seeing more with this are more targeted phishing attacks, which are called 'spear phishing'," said Mr Neate.

"They actually target an individual domain or a company."

His comments come shortly after it was announced by HM Revenue & Customs that a number of these phishing messages - thought to be more than 46,000 - have been sent out to organisations ahead of the tax credits renewal deadline.

Posted by Julie Cutts  

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