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Businesses 'should have statutory sick pay arrangements'

Date Added: 25/07/2011  

Small businesses have been informed of ways to cut down on absenteeism, which could increase efficiency in the organisation and reducing the chances of being served with a winding up order in the future.

Karen Jackson, employment solicitor at specialist practice didlaw, stated the introduction of statutory sick pay arrangements could be a good way to dissuade people from not coming into work because they are not well.

She explained this is because employees who get paid if they are ill have been found to be more likely to 'pull a sickie'.

"I'm pretty sure that the cost to businesses of sick days is quite high," said Ms Jackson.

"We are talking about people calling in sick because they have had a heavy weekend or it's a sunny day."

She was commenting following the release of research commissioned by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which found that one-in-three employees in the UK admit to taking a day off work even though they were not ill.

Some 61 per cent of these people said they did so because they were bored and depressed with work.

Posted by Michael Beam 

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