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Business debt help customers advised to save carbon

Date Added: 18/11/2010  

Firms such as business debt help customers which are looking ahead to how they can save money over long periods of time have been told they should think about investing in carbon-saving technologies.

Speaking at the Esta debate on November 16th 2010, Richard Hipkiss, marketing director at i-prophets, stated that the carbon reduction commitment scheme has been simplified by the government in recent months.

He explained that by investing in carbon-saving technologies, firms can guarantee that they will be spending less money for years to come.

"[If it] is going to continually return on that investment year-on-year, then that is a better use of the funds than just paying the tax or passing it on to customers," he said.

Mr Hipkiss' comments come shortly after Edinburgh World Heritage reported that firms such as business debt help customers can save money through taking simple measures such as ensuring that shutters are closed, to reduce the heat lost from buildings.

Posted by Julie Cutts 

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