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Business debt advice customers could increase due to cuts

Date Added: 25/10/2010  

Firms which rely on public sector work could find they need to take business debt advice in the coming months because of the government's Spending Review.

Emyr Williams, director of ByteStart, pointed out that these companies are more likely to be affected by the measures outlined by the chancellor last week than others.

He noted that many small businesses are going to feel the effects of the £81 billion cost-cutting plans.

"The measures, in the long run, will create a stronger economy. As all small businesses know, you can't go on spending more than you bring in," he said.

Mr Williams explained that while some firms will need to take business debt advice as a result of the Spending Review, others will find that they can capitalise on the cutbacks.

In the speech to parliament last week, chancellor George Osborne announced that spending on adult apprenticeships is to be increased by £250 million a year.

Posted by Miles Pritchard 

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