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Business debt advice cannot save car hire firms

Date Added: 23/02/2011  

Companies which are taking business debt advice will be hoping they can avoid following in the footsteps of a pair of car hire brokerages which have been ordered into liquidation.

According to the Insolvency Service, Decode Car Hire Limited and Travel Market Limited were forced to go into liquidation following a report by Company Investigations.

It was found that the two firms operated a number of websites outside of Latvia and many customers who had been given a voucher to collect a vehicle had their bookings cancelled.

Company Investigations supervisor Chris Mayhew said: "The investigation found that UK registered companies were being used to front a questionable offshore business.

"Anyone out to mislead people through slick, plausible sounding operations may think they'll get away with it but they won't."

This comes shortly after the Federation of Small Business (FSB) called for the government to provide more help for firms taking business debt advice which want to take advantage of the Graduate Internship Scheme.

The FSB's national chairman John Walker stated that interns learns a lot from spending time with companies.

Posted by Miles Pritchard  

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