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Bosses told to be aware of stressed employees

Date Added: 03/05/2011  

Small businesses have been given tips on how to spot the signs that workers may be becoming stressed.

Kevin Friery, clinical director at provider of employee assistance programmes Right Corecare, stated bosses need to first accept that it is a possibility members of staff may be overwhelmed with stress.

But he noted that it is not always obvious which people could be struggling to cope, as they may be "thrashing around" underneath the surface.

Mr Friery noted an example of an organisation he worked with recently that had merged two teams in a bid to be more efficient.

"Operationally it made sense, financially it made sense - it saved them a lot of money - but for the actual people involved it was emotionally a very hard step to take," he said.

Sue McMahon, branch secretary for the Calderdale division of the National Union of Teachers, recently stated that stress is driving many educators to leave the industry.

Posted by Julie Cutts 

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