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Boat firm's liquidation 'sad for Bristol'

Date Added: 21/11/2012  

Jobs have been lost in the south-west of England with the news that the Bristol Ferry Boat Company has gone into liquidation as a result of financial difficulties.

It was noted in an editorial by the Bristol Evening Post that this is "sad news" for the city.

The newspaper also highlighted the fact that one of the "iconic" sights of Bristol has been lost along with the liquidation of the firm.

"The bright blue and yellow boats, each with their own name, have been a feature of the floating harbour for more than 30 years," it said.

Owners of the Bristol Ferry Boat Company included the city's newly-elected mayor George Ferguson, but the firm has been said to have been in financial difficulties for many years.

Number Seven Boat Trips and Bristol Packet Boat Trips will continue to operate in Bristol's docks and are not going to be affected by the closure of Bristol Ferry Boat Company.

One person involved in the firm, who asked not to be named, described the liquidation of the company as a "tragedy" for the city.

"We have worked really hard for the last two or three years to keep the company going but in the end it was just not a viable business," they said, noting a part of Bristol's heritage has been lost as a result.

Mr Ferguson stated that while he has been a shareholder of the Bristol Ferry Boat Company, he has not been involved in the running of the firm.

Some sources have claimed the bad weather seen by the region for much of the year has had a financial impact on the health of the firm and this is why it has had to close down.

But others say the liquidation of the company is due to a "stringent" operating policy imposed by the local city council, with the newspaper noting its closure is due to a mixture of these reasons.

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Posted by Miles Pritchard

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