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Birmingham restaurants enter liquidation

Date Added: 04/09/2013  

Two of the best-known restaurants in Birmingham have gone into liquidation, but they are still open after their ownership was switched to another company.

Edmunds and Cielo in Brindleyplace were both owned by brothers Chris and Cos Papachristoforou but ran into financial difficulties in the last few months.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, Cos Papachristoforou explained that the move to put the two restaurants into liquidation means that they now both have a future that is "rosy".

He denied rumours that have been circulating that Edmunds had closed, adding: "Edmunds and Cielo have entered into liquidation - however, we are still operating under a new company. We are still trading at the moment and we have resolved a couple of internal matters. A new company has taken over the running of Edmunds and Cielo. There are a number of reasons for this and I do not want to go into details."

The restaurant boss noted an issue with a bank has caused problems for him and he revealed that a lot of people have lost money as a result. Mr Papachristoforou explained he is going to be in charge of the new business and his brother Chris is not going to be taking any roles in the running of the two restaurants any more.

"It is very stressful. But I do not think that the customers will realise that anything will change," he was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Last month, restaurants in Plymouth were forced to close down as a result of the liquidation of a firm owned by Edmond Davari. Speaking to the Plymouth Herald, he pointed out he did not have a say in the matter of four of his ventures having to be shut down.

Mr Davari told the news provider that he has already sold one of his restaurants - Souk - and buyers are being sought for three of his other ventures.

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Posted by Miles Pritchard

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