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HMRC 'must be aware firms will occasionally make errors'

HMRC has been reminded that smaller firms often do not have finance departments so may make occasional taxation errors.

Date Added: 10/03/2011

Debate underway on taxation of small businesses

The way small businesses are taxed is being debated.

Date Added: 10/03/2011

Business debt advice customers 'need to understand their...

Understanding tax obligations is important for business debt advice customers.

Date Added: 01/03/2011

Business insolvency advice firms given tips by HMRC

HM Revenue and Customs has given tips to firms taking business insolvency advice.

Date Added: 23/02/2011

HMRC's Time to Pay scheme 'invaluable' for company...

HMRC's Time to Pay scheme has been praised for aiding firms taking company bankruptcy help.

Date Added: 15/02/2011

Business debt help customers 'find tax system insufferable'

The tax system is insufferable for bosses at firms taking business debt help.

Date Added: 21/01/2011

Company debt advice customers reminded to keep financial...

Keeping proper financial records is important for company debt advice customers

Date Added: 17/01/2011

HMRC issues warning to business debt advice customers

Business debt advice customers have been issued with a warning by HM Revenue and Customs.

Date Added: 13/12/2010

Tax avoidance plans 'could harm business liquidation advice...

Business liquidation advice customers could be harmed by new tax avoidance plans.

Date Added: 09/12/2010

Corporation tax 'is big issue for corporate debt...

Corporate debt consultancy customers have big problems with the payment of corporation tax.

Date Added: 27/10/2010

HMRC 'should be lenient on' company insolvency advice...

HMRC has been told to be more lenient with firms such as company insolvency advice customers which make slightly late payments.

Date Added: 13/10/2010

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