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Economic growth 'was a one-off'

Companies looking for company debt advice in Leeds have been told the recent growth figures for the second quarter are a one-off.

Date Added: 03/09/2010

Scottish economic recovery slows

Donald MacRae, chief economist at Bank of Scotland, has stated that the country's economic recovery is slowing.

Date Added: 01/09/2010

Unemployment 'could reach ten per cent'

The Centre for Economic and Business Research has predicted that unemployment could reach as much as ten per cent in some areas.

Date Added: 31/08/2010

UK economic growth rate higher than originally believed

The rate of expansion in the UK economy between April and June 2010 was greater than had originally been believed.

Date Added: 27/08/2010

FPB: Smaller firms being 'unjustifiably' denied credit

Banks are not justified in denying credit to small businesses, the FPB has stated.

Date Added: 26/08/2010

FPB: Businesses to face additional tax burden

The Forum of Private Business has accused councils of introducing a stealth tax.

Date Added: 24/08/2010

Business confidence dropping

Confidence among businesses in the UK has dropped in recent months, according to new figures.

Date Added: 23/08/2010

FPB: Limited access to finance hindering business growth

Businesses are finding it difficult to expand while access to finance remains limited, according to experts.

Date Added: 23/08/2010

Small businesses encouraged to keep website up to date

Many small firms are losing out because they are not regularly updating their website, experts have stated.

Date Added: 20/08/2010

FPB: Banks undervaluing commercial properties

British banks are continuing to deny credit to firms by undervaluing commercial property, according to the Forum of Private Business.

Date Added: 19/08/2010

CBI: Abolition of DRA makes workforce planning more...

The CBI has said the scrapping of the default retirement age will create fresh challenges for businesses.

Date Added: 18/08/2010

Public spending cuts 'may affect private businesses'

Private firms with public sector contracts have been advised that they may face "difficult" times.

Date Added: 16/08/2010

FSB doubtful of red tape removal

The Federation of Small Businesses has questioned whether the government will free firms from red tape.

Date Added: 13/08/2010

Cameron: Banks should step up lending

The prime minister has called on banks to lend more money to British businesses.

Date Added: 11/08/2010

More employers considering redundancies

A growing number of employers are thinking of laying off members of staff, a new survey has found.

Date Added: 10/08/2010

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