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Company Voluntary Arrangements. Why Use Us?

CVAs can and do work in creating the conditions for struggling businesses to recover

Date Added: 01/03/2016

Company Voluntary Arrangements and Business Turnaround

Company Voluntary Arrangements Are Decreasing, but Remain a Strong Turnaround Vehicle

Date Added: 23/02/2016

Leeds nightclub shut due to administration

BED Club in Leeds has been closed down.

Date Added: 20/08/2013

HMRC rejects Rangers CVA application

Rangers Football Club will be liquidated after a decision by HMRC.

Date Added: 13/06/2012

Kettering Town FC 'facing liquidation'

Liquidation is being faced by Kettering Town FC.

Date Added: 12/06/2012

VAT cut 'would boost small businesses'

Small businesses could receive a boost if VAT was cut in certain areas.

Date Added: 20/07/2011

Club goes into receivership to avoid winding up order

A struggling football club has avoided a winding up order by going into receivership.

Date Added: 07/07/2011

CVAs in retail sector rise

More and more firms in the retail industry are making company voluntary arrangements.

Date Added: 09/05/2011

Business debt advice 'rising in transport sector'

More transport companies are seeking out business debt advice, it has been suggested.

Date Added: 18/11/2010

More haulage firms speaking to company debt help firms

Newly-released figures show that businesses in the transport sector increasingly need to take company debt help.

Date Added: 29/10/2010

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