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Music Festivals to enter administration

The future of many music festivals could be in doubt.

Date Added: 25/09/2012

Nottingham printer heading for liquidation

Liquidation is on the horizon for a printing firm.

Date Added: 18/09/2012

Pier company facing liquidation over unpaid energy bills

Unpaid energy bills could force a pier owner into liquidation.

Date Added: 14/09/2012

Chester Festivals enters voluntary liquidation

Voluntary liquidation has been entered by Chester Festivals.

Date Added: 10/09/2012

Jobs lost as firm enters liquidation

A County Limerick firm has been forced into liquidation.

Date Added: 07/09/2012

Former mayor's firm enters liquidation

A firm owned by a former mayor has gone into liquidation.

Date Added: 07/09/2012

Voluntary liquidation provides lease of life for roofing...

A roofing firm has come back strongly after entering voluntary liquidation.

Date Added: 03/09/2012

40 jobs lost as store enters liquidation

The liquidation of a store in Scotland sees 40 jobs lost.

Date Added: 31/08/2012

Target Express enters liquidation

Haulage firm Target Express has gone into liquidation.

Date Added: 30/08/2012

Mild winter blamed for firm's liquidation

The liquidation of a Scottish firm has been blamed on the mild winter.

Date Added: 29/08/2012

House of Beauly enters liquidation

Jobs have been lost as a result of the liquidation of House of Beauly.

Date Added: 21/08/2012

Customers let down by firm's liquidation

The liquidation of a west Norfolk firm has left customers out of pocket.

Date Added: 20/08/2012

Construction firms 'under building pressure'

Pressure is building on the country's construction firms.

Date Added: 13/08/2012

Burnley training company to go into liquidation

A training company in Burnley is to go under.

Date Added: 07/08/2012

Mid-sized construction firms 'at risk of closure'

Mid-sized firms in the construction industry are at risk of having to close down.

Date Added: 03/08/2012

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