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More businesses 'using maximum overdraft'

Businesses could be on the brink of liquidation if they are using their maximum overdraft.

Date Added: 02/11/2011

Weak economy 'to blame' for company liquidations

Firms are entering liquidation due to the weak state of the economy, it is claimed.

Date Added: 31/10/2011

Flintshire hotel goes into liquidation

A hotel in Flintshire has entered liquidation.

Date Added: 28/10/2011

Aberdeen property firm enters liquidation

A property firm in Aberdeen has gone into liquidation.

Date Added: 27/10/2011

Workers lose jobs due to building firm liquidation

The liquidation of a building firm has led to 40 people losing their jobs.

Date Added: 26/10/2011

Internet recruitment firm ordered into liquidation

The Insolvency Service has ordered an internet recruitment firm to go into liquidation.

Date Added: 25/10/2011

Bed firm liquidated due to Focus closure

The closure of Focus has led to the liquidation of a bed company.

Date Added: 24/10/2011

Scottish companies liquidated 'at record rates'

Record rates of companies are going out of business, figures show.

Date Added: 21/10/2011

Pottery museum enters liquidation

A museum dedicated to pottery has closed.

Date Added: 19/10/2011

Jobs lost as charity enters liquidation

A charity has gone into liquidation, resulting in jobs being lost.

Date Added: 17/10/2011

School to enter liquidation due to bank debts

A fee-paying school is on the verge of liquidation.

Date Added: 14/10/2011

Wedding dresses to be auctioned for charity after...

The liquidation of a dressmaker has led to a number of outfits going under the hammer for charity.

Date Added: 13/10/2011

Clothes firm to enter liquidation

A clothes company based in East Anglia is to enter liquidation.

Date Added: 11/10/2011

Premier Foods 'selling brands to avoid liquidation'

A major food brand is selling parts of the company to avoid liquidation.

Date Added: 10/10/2011

Rugby league club 'working socks off' to avoid liquidation

Leigh Centurions RLFC are doing all they can to keep the club afloat.

Date Added: 10/10/2011

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