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Business debt advice customers told to apply for funding

Firms such as those taking business debt advice have been reminded to apply for money from the Regional Growth Fund.

Date Added: 14/01/2011

Counterfeiting 'is a problem for business debt help...

Firms may need to take business debt help as a result of counterfeiting.

Date Added: 12/01/2011

BRC suggests business debt help customers could pass on VAT...

The VAT hike could be passed straight on to customers by firms in need of business debt help.

Date Added: 04/01/2011

Innovation 'is the key for business debt advice customers'

Business debt advice customers need innovation to boost their financial situation.

Date Added: 21/12/2010

CBI calls for help for business debt advice customers in...

Organisations in the manufacturing sector, including those which are in need of business debt advice, need more support from the government.

Date Added: 07/12/2010

FSB: Snow has ground UK to a halt

Firms taking company debt advice could suffer due to the weather, which the FSB believes has crippled the country.

Date Added: 03/12/2010

Business debt advice customers 'may encounter financial...

Some firms could need to take company debt advice after a business group warned that the winter weather could impact on their finances.

Date Added: 03/12/2010

Decreased profits 'could increase need for corporate debt...

There could be an increase in firms using corporate debt consultancies, new research suggests.

Date Added: 01/12/2010

Company debt advice customers 'could see Christmas sales...

A boost in sales for firms such as those taking company debt advice could be on the cards this Christmas.

Date Added: 29/11/2010

Business debt help customers 'braced for tough Christmas'

Christmas is expected to be tough for small UK firms, which could prove a make or break period for some business debt help customers.

Date Added: 25/11/2010

World Economic Forum expert offers company debt advice

It may be wise to think twice about borrowing to invest, company debt advice leaders have been advised.

Date Added: 15/11/2010

Corporate debt consultancy customers 'must embrace...

Corporate debt consultancy customers have been told to embrace ecommerce to solve their financial problems.

Date Added: 08/11/2010

Business debt advice firms 'should be able to access public...

Companies debt advice customers many now be able to win more public contracts.

Date Added: 03/11/2010

Corporate debt help customers 'need more financing options'

Firms such as those taking corporate debt help require more financing options.

Date Added: 27/10/2010

Company debt advice customers 'require bolder government...

Firms need bolder government policies to help them avoid needing to take company debt advice.

Date Added: 21/10/2010

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