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Government announces boost for business lending

A business lending boost has been announced by the government.

Date Added: 11/04/2013

Business lending schemes 'not reaching targets'

New research has found business lending schemes are not working.

Date Added: 09/04/2013

BCC: Lending limited for fast-growing firms

Firms are struggling to access finance.

Date Added: 04/04/2013

Lloyds 'on track to beat business lending goal'

Lloyds will exceed its business lending target.

Date Added: 03/04/2013

Business lending 'falling at alarming rate'

Business lending is down again in the UK.

Date Added: 03/04/2013

Government announces £70m business lending boost

A new business lending boost has been announced by the government.

Date Added: 26/03/2013

Alternative business lenders sign up to new code

The alternative business lending sector will now be regulated.

Date Added: 22/03/2013

Chancellor criticised over business lending "hot air"

The chancellor has been told to act on business lending.

Date Added: 21/03/2013

Santander opens new business lending centre

A new business lending centre has been opened by Santander.

Date Added: 20/03/2013

Chancellor urged to act on business lending

Action is needed to boost business lending.

Date Added: 19/03/2013

Negative interest rates 'would not boost business lending'

Business lending would not be boosted by negative interest rates.

Date Added: 15/03/2013

MP: Sell banks to boost business lending

An MP has called for the banks to be sold to boost business lending.

Date Added: 14/03/2013

FLS 'feels like a flop'

The FLS has been described as a flop.

Date Added: 13/03/2013

Business lending scheme to be put "on steroids"

The Funding for Lending Scheme is to be boosted.

Date Added: 12/03/2013

Wonga to increase business lending

Business lending is to be increased by Wonga.

Date Added: 11/03/2013

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