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RBS to boost business lending

Business lending is to be expanded by RBS.

Date Added: 27/06/2013

SME banking report commissioned by OFT

The OFT has launched a report into SME banking.

Date Added: 20/06/2013

Business lending 'is back to normal'

The ombudsman claims business lending has returned to normal levels.

Date Added: 14/06/2013

Bank 'on track' to beat business lending goals

Cambridge & Counties Bank has already lent £90 million to SMEs.

Date Added: 12/06/2013

Loan insurance 'could aid lending to SMEs'

Mandatory loan insurance could boost lending to SMEs while also preventing bankruptcies, it has been claimed.

Date Added: 11/06/2013

Banks 'unlikely to change business lending behaviour'

Innovative firms are struggling to access finance.

Date Added: 07/06/2013

Plymouth firms 'hit by declining business lending'

Business lending is harming firms across Devon and Cornwall.

Date Added: 06/06/2013

Campaign group aims to improve business lending

A Lancashire lobby group is targeting business lending.

Date Added: 05/06/2013

Business lending continues to fall

Official data shows business lending has dropped again.

Date Added: 04/06/2013

FPB: Business lending shows patterns of decline

Business lending is still coming down, notes the FPB.

Date Added: 03/06/2013

Business lending blocked by economic climate

The economic climate is a barrier to business lending.

Date Added: 31/05/2013

Co-op halts business lending

New business lending is being stopped by the Co-operative Bank.

Date Added: 28/05/2013

CBI: Firms must focus on alternative business lending

Alternative business lending options are being pushed by the CBI.

Date Added: 22/05/2013

Chancellor pins business lending blame on BoE

The chancellor has said business lending must be boosted by the Bank of England.

Date Added: 17/05/2013

UK SMEs 'struggling to access business lending'

Business lending is unavailable for many UK SMEs.

Date Added: 15/05/2013

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