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Low interest rates 'will benefit businesses'

Businesses may benefit if interest rates remain low, the BCC has stated.

Date Added: 20/08/2010

Osborne backs King's economic forecasts

Chancellor George Osborne has called for a cautious approach to the economic recovery, in line with Mervyn King's predictions.

Date Added: 19/08/2010

Small businesses back political consensus

Small businesses in the UK have shown their support for a multi-party government.

Date Added: 13/08/2010

Efforts to improve bank lending to small businesses welcomed

Defaqto has welcomed a strategy designed to boost bank lending to small businesses.

Date Added: 12/08/2010

King predicts 'choppy' economic recovery

Businesses in the UK have been advised that the economic recovery in Britain could be "choppy".

Date Added: 11/08/2010

Retailers face slowdown in sales growth

Retail companies have seen a slowdown in sales growth during the last few months, according to new figures.

Date Added: 10/08/2010

Funding squeeze could lead to more companies needing debt...

Bosses could seek company debt advice due to a lack of funding from the government.

Date Added: 06/08/2010

Need for finance 'will increase'

The need for small businesses to access finance has been tipped to increase.

Date Added: 04/08/2010

FPB slams abolition of default retirement age

Plans to scrap the default retirement age have been criticised by a business group.

Date Added: 03/08/2010

Businesses urged to invest in training and development

Companies have been told not to overlook investing in staff training and development.

Date Added: 02/08/2010

Default retirement age to be scrapped

Businesses will no longer be able to force staff to retire at the age of 65 as of 2011.

Date Added: 30/07/2010

Going green 'makes business sense'

Firms could save lots of money if they adopt eco-friendly policies, experts have advised.

Date Added: 29/07/2010

Interest rates 'to stay at 0.5 per cent for several years'

Experts have predicted that interest rates may stay at their current historic low for a number of years.

Date Added: 27/07/2010

Employers 'should create culture of positive communication'

Company bosses have been advised to ensure their firm has a culture in which people feel able to communicate positively.

Date Added: 26/07/2010

Insolvency Service 'will continue offering maximum...

The Insolvency Service has insisted that cuts in its running costs will not reduce its effectiveness.

Date Added: 21/07/2010

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