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Bigger SMEs 'more likely to get green light for business...

Larger companies get the green light for business lending more often than smaller rivals.

Date Added: 15/07/2011

Small firms 'have crisis of confidence' regarding business...

The business lending situation has led to a crisis of confidence among small firms.

Date Added: 14/07/2011

Business confidence 'falling due to lending concerns'

Lending concerns means businesses are losing confidence.

Date Added: 13/07/2011

Smallest firms 'bearing brunt of business lending issues'

Smaller firms could be in danger of a winding up order as a result of problems with business lending.

Date Added: 12/07/2011

Carbon Reduction Commitment red tape cut welcomed

A cut in the red tape surrounding the Carbon Reduction Commitment has been welcomed.

Date Added: 07/07/2011

Wider access to business lending issue 'still unresolved'

The issue of business lending remains unresolved.

Date Added: 07/07/2011

New scheme launched to increase business lending

Business lending could be boosted by the founding of a new scheme.

Date Added: 04/07/2011

Businesses urged to consider climate change impact

Firms must consider the impact of climate change.

Date Added: 01/07/2011

Companies 'holding back on business lending'

Organisations are holding back on applications for business lending.

Date Added: 27/06/2011

Bank overhauls business lending process

A major bank has made a change to the way it processes business lending applications.

Date Added: 22/06/2011

Firms 'must improve plans to get green light for business...

Companies applying for business lending may need to improve their plan.

Date Added: 14/06/2011

Vince Cable calls for harsher business lending penalties

Vince Cable says there should be harsher penalties for banks missing business lending targets.

Date Added: 13/06/2011

Business lending targets to be hit

The Project Merlin scheme is set to hit business lending targets.

Date Added: 13/06/2011

Business lending issues 'must be addressed collaboratively'

Firms need the current issues surrounding business lending to be addressed.

Date Added: 10/06/2011

SMEs seeking loans 'must understand market'

Small businesses trying to access loans must understand the market.

Date Added: 10/06/2011

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