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At 4R Business Recovery, we help business owners, directors and entrepreneurs restore the fortunes of their companies. We provide a complete business rescue and turnaround service. We give our clients a second chance.
Our goal is to save distressed SMEs like yours. We make extensive use of CVAs – agreements with creditors to repay debts over a period of time – and work hard to ensure their success. A well planned CVA is often enough to give a company the breathing space it needs to survive.

And it’s not just about saving businesses. Other companies may stop with an insolvency procedure, but we go further to help you meet your goals. We look to the future and help our clients generate wealth.
To do this, we follow a 4-step process.

Learn About the Process

Rescue -

The first stage of our business recovery process is designed to stop things getting worse. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the situation with us and decide on a solution that works for you and your company. Often this will mean taking steps to reduce creditor pressure and providing legal protection so court action can’t be taken against you. Receivership, liquidation and bankruptcy are not the only options.

Sometimes an informal debt management approach works well. As an independent third party we can talk to creditors on your behalf to try to come to an agreement. Reducing your outgoings can make a big difference to the viability of the company.

You may have heard of Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs). These are more formal agreements with creditors which help you repay debts over a period of time. Another option is Pre-Pack Administration, which allows you to launch a new company having bought the assets and goodwill of the old one.

If the best course of action is to liquidate the business, we’ll make sure you’re in control. Our experts will help you conform with legislation and fulfil your duties as a director. This means you can mitigate any losses and preserve as much of the value of the business as possible.

Restructure -

To turn a company around, things can’t stay as they are. There has to be some amount of restructuring to cut costs and achieve a greater potential for profit. Our consultants will conduct a full system audit so we understand the business as a whole before making recommendations to improve performance.

Every business has the potential to be more efficient. We’ll help you save money and make any changes with a minimum of expense. This may mean making redundancies or shedding expensive contracts at zero cash cost to the company. We can also help you renegotiate property leases or secure rent and rate free payment holidays.

It’s also important to have the right management, skills and controls within your business. We offer help with budgeting and financial forecasting, and can assess your borrowing to ensure you have the right level of equity.  Its important you have the right team, we love smart people and having smart people work on your business at the right time and right cost can make all the difference.

Recovery -

Most companies and consultants are only interested in the insolvency stage. In effect, they only do the first part of the process, and to often they are only concerned with the business closure and liquidation.
At 4R, we work with you to ensure the continued success of the company for the long term.

We offer a mixture of free and paid for consultancy services, helping our clients lower costs, increase sales and develop fully integrated marketing strategies. Whatever your goals are for the business, we can help you meet them.

We can advise you on everything from getting the most out of your website and email campaigns, to embarking on a joint venture. Our business strategy experts help increase sales and improve the overall health of the company.

Importantly growth and recovery often require fresh finance, in the form of commercial funding, new banking facilities, bank loans, grants or investment via equity partnerships, and joint ventures.  4R is an expert at securing new finance packages for businesses, we work with our associated companies The Finance Centre and Incubator Capital to provide finance solutions for business that growth finance.

Reward -

We think this is the most important part of the process – finding out what your goals are and developing strategies to make them a reality.
Whatever stage your life is at, it’s important to think about the future. We can develop plans and exit strategies to help you meet your income, tax planning and wealth creation goals.
Your goals will very much depend on your personal situation – you may have a young family or be nearing retirement, for example. Do you plan to sell the business within a few years and make a certain amount from doing so? Or would you like better dividends and profitability?
If your business is currently insolvent, it’s difficult to think long term. As we’re an external partner we can look beyond the everyday needs of the company and help you focus on what’s really important.
Let us know what you want, and we’ll help you get it. Call NOW on 0800 0385 140 to find out more before it is to late for your business.

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