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Small businesses encouraged to keep website up to date

Date Added: 20/08/2010  

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Business debt advice may be in demand among small businesses, as many are losing money because they are not updating their website.

According to web hosting specialist Streamline.net, one in three firms update their sites on an infrequent basis, while only one in ten add new content every day.

Research by the company showed that many are also failing to use the internet as a marketing outlet, as 48 per cent of small businesses are not using options such as search engine advertising.

Streamline.net warned that these companies could therefore be missing out on potential sources of revenue.

Claire Lewis, marketing manager at the group, commented: "Every firm should ensure they invest quality time and energy into presenting the right image and engaging with their website visitors."

This comes after Karin von Abrams of eMarketer noted that the web is taking on a "central role" in marketing activity for "virtually all brands".

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