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Retailers 'to find it hard for some time'

Date Added: 17/05/2011  

Smaller firms operating in the retail sector are likely to continue to find it hard over the coming months, according to an industry expert.

Richard Dodd, spokesman for the British Retail Consortium, stated that there was a boost in April from the good weather and the royal wedding.

But he explained this is not likely to continue over the summer months - leaving retailers struggling to keep going.

"None of this is going to come as any surprise to retailers. We have been through some very difficult times over the last couple of years," said Mr Dodd.

He added that although the country is not currently in a recession, it is still going to be hard for small businesses over the coming months.

This comes after the publication of a new report from the Confederation of British Industry and Pfizer estimated the cost of workplace absences to be £17 billion to British companies every year.

Posted by Miles Pritchard 

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