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How should I handle a Statutory Demand or Winding Up Petition from HMRC?

Date Added: 22/01/2016  

If you have HMRC Debt and you’ve received a Statutory Demand or Winding Up Petition from HMRC, DO NOT bury your head in the sand. Matters can escalate rapidly, causing you stress and misery, but acting quickly can remove that stress and prevent your company from being wound up.
Take action within 18 days to avoid a winding up petition
A Statutory Demand is a formal demand for debt payment. If you ignore it, and don’t respond within 18 days, then HMRC can then send you a Winding Up Petition, which can ultimately lead to your business being permanently shut down and liquidated. It may also lead to personal bankruptcy.
Even if you do not have the funds available to pay the HMRC debt right now, there are steps you can take to prevent HMRC from seeking to close your business.
In addition to this, a debt recovery professional can look closely at your business and put in place a strategy to avoid legal proceedings being brought against your business.
What if the business has already received a Winding Up Petition?
If you have already received a Winding Up Petition from HMRC, then it is vital that you take action to avoid the situation escalating.
Whatever stage you are at with HMRC, taking professional advice will help you to fully understand your options and the next steps that you need to take.
If you have received a Statutory Demand or Winding Up Petition then please take action TODAY. We can talk to the tax office on your behalf, and whether you owe a small amount of money, or thousands of pounds (or more), we can advise you on where to go from here.

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