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Firms 'must closely monitor wellbeing of staff'

Date Added: 09/06/2011  

Bosses at small businesses have been told to monitor the wellbeing of their employees closely.

Debbie Meech, people director at global telecoms company Cable&Wireless Worldwide, stated that levels of stress in the workplace revealed by the recently-published GfK NOP International Employee Engagement Survey 2011 are concerning.

"The recession has been hard on employees and no organisation can say they are stress-free," she said.

"Employers need to closely monitor any signs of plummeting wellbeing, such as an increased absence level."

Ms Meech added that other signs could include changes in employee engagement scores, rising numbers of serious injuries or illnesses and more usage of assistance lines.

Health awareness sessions were suggested by Ms Meech as a way to improve the wellbeing of members of staff.

The GfK NOP report found that 1.5 million British workers between the ages of 18 and 29 claim stress at work is affecting their health, with 40 per cent of young employees stating they are always under stress in their jobs.

Posted by Michael Beam  

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