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Cameron: Banks should step up lending

Date Added: 11/08/2010  

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Companies taking business debt advice may be more optimistic after David Cameron said the issue of bank lending is a priority for the government.

The prime minister insisted that financial institutions should be making more money available to enterprises in the UK.

Speaking at a public meeting in Manchester, Mr Cameron said there is a "very big focus" on the issue of bank lending in his office and across the coalition government.

He revealed that net lending agreements with banks or the introduction of a loan guarantee scheme are two of the options currently being considered "to help make sure the money goes out of the banks into the businesses".

Mr Cameron added that financial institutions should also lend to British companies because taxpayers have put "all this money" into the sector to prop it up throughout the financial crisis.

This comes after Matthew Goodman of the Forum of Private Business said the need for finance will increase as the economy grows, as small firms will have to meet renewed demand.

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