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BCC pens business growth deal

Date Added: 07/09/2010  

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Firms needing business debt advice have been informed that a new agreement has been penned by the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE) and the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

The BCC and COBCOE have agreed that British businesses require open borders and free trade in order to be competitive.

They also stated that the EU needs to place a focus on the "completion of the single market", otherwise it risks delaying the continent's economic recovery.

Howard Rosen, president of COBCOE, stated that his organisation is delighted to be working closely with the BCC.

Neville Reyner, president of the BCC, added: "I believe this agreement will offer additional value to business members throughout Europe and the BCC looks forward to working with COBCOE to achieve this objective."

This comes soon after firms needing business debt advice were told to sign up to a free initiative by Be Enterprising in the north-east, which offers companies advice on a range of issues, such as financial planning and expanding into new markets, reports nebusiness.co.uk. 

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